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World's second largest synthetic wine closure manufacturer and leader in France, SYNTEK was born out of the merging of Syntek Extrusion and Syntek Injection, and the reunion of their associates and their 15 years of commercial an industrial experience.

The story began in 2009 when CORKTEK, a company specialized in injection molded closures, was bough and became SYNTEK INJECTION.

In the same year, a production tool was acquired from WINEIS, a company based in Rivesaltes, specialized in mono-extrusion wine closures.

In April 2010, SYNTEK pulled out all the stops, buying Asutralian based company NUKORC, the world's second largest manufacturer of synthetic closures, specialized in extrusion. This buyout allowed SYNTEK's extrusion production to expand by eight additional lines.

The decision to relocate the manufacturing from Australia to South of France, in Rivesaltes, was not an easy one. In these times of economic crises and banking institutions overcautiousness, NUKORC's regular clients had to be patient before the machines were relocated to Rivesaltes and become fully operational (in record time) in a new 13,000 square meters facility. The facility was found under a tight timeline and needed to be big enough to house the eight new extrusion lines. At last, in July 2012, production could start again.

In December 2010, in order to optimize our production, logistics and quality costs, SYNTEK Injection joined the Rivesaltes facility.

In October 2011, SYNTEK became the world’s first company offering a whole range of synthetic closures, whether injection molded, mono-extruded or co-extruded. Indeed, because NEOCORK was unable to break through the European market, they appointed SYNTEK as the distributor of their co-extruded closure.


Evolving, always...


Completed development such as NUSTOPPA, a synthetic stopper with a cap. Ongoing developments such as NUSPARK (designed for sparkling beverages) a redesigned injection molded closure, and the production of the co-extruded closure in our Rivesaltes site


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